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Batch conversion of SHP to DXF files.

ShapeToDxf can convert all the shape files in a directory into DXF files in another directory. Use the File menu and then the Batch Conversion... item:

Convert multiple files from shape to DXF, main dialog

Once you have set the source and destination directories push the Start button and the batch conversion will begin. Each shape file is read from the source directory, converted to DXF, and the DXF is saved in the destination directory.

Convert multiple files from shape to DXF,  progress dialog

Before you start, or after you end, the batch conversion you can easily open the destination directory by clicking on the Open Destination Directory button.

The demo version of ShapeToDxf has the batching capability, but not all the shape file is converted, unless it is very small. Download the demo here:

Download ShapeToDxf with batch conversion

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