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Color coded ESRI SHP shape files in 3d

You can view SHP files in 3D with color coding for the elevation of the objects using ShapeToDxf. The screenshot below shows the 2D view of a 282 MByte SHP file, with the 3D view in the smaller window...

Color coded Shape file elevationsn

Here's how to set up ShapeToDxf to get the above results:

How to set up color coded Shape file elevations

Use the Settings icon, then choose Shape Entity Layer to be Elevation, then click on Layer Settings to choose the number of layers you want. The above example shows 25.

You can save the SHP file as a DXF file, shown below, but without the elevation color coding of entities in this example:

Shape file imported into AutoCAD

Note the text which has been imported from one of the fields in the associated DBF file. The SHP file became an 815MB DXF file, which was saved as a 260 MB DWG drawing file. Of course smaller SHP files will yield smaller DXF files.

The demo version of ShapeToDxf has the DBF, color coding and 3D viewing, but not all the shape file is converted. Download the demo here:

Download ShapeToDxf with batch conversion

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