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I put "shp to DXF" in google and shapetodxf.com was listed I chose your software because

  1. The web site showed good examples of the product.
  2. As there are many dodgy web sites which try to make you download stuff you do not want I avoid those like the plague but your site was clean.
  3. I could download a test version which "did what it said on the tin" and works fine.
  4. You have good supplementary info on things like .dbf.

Thank you for making my life a lot easier

- N G

Shape to Dxf has allowed us to quickly and easily translate GIS information into a workable format for our conceptual plans and graphics without having to purchase expensive GIS software.

- JM

I use GIS a lot as a planning consultant. I bought a CAD program because I'm constantly asked if I can read cad files in GIS. So, while working on some CAD stuff I just "googled" shapefile to CAD and your program came up. I tried the trial version and it worked well. I needed the full version because as you know the trial doesn't convert everything.

It works well. I'll let others know about it if it comes up. I'm much more proficient with GIS than CAD and CAD frustrates the crap out of me! Trying to get simple things done seems difficult.


I spotted it on good ole' Google. Looked like a straight forward product not encumbered by a bunch of bells and whistles. I have already used it, and really like the way that multiple shape files can be converted and are merged into a single DXF if left open after conversions.



I am a geologist and needed softwarethat could convert shapefiles to dxf easily, tried many commercial software but totally overwhelmed at how perfect and fast ShapeToDxf does it. The 3D viewing utility is perfect for checking your converted files. It is lightweight, few buttons and easy to use and affordable. ShapeToDxf is a must have for geologists and engineers who constantlyconvert shape files to dxf formats.

Thanks for your support.

Gabriel A.

I found ShapeToDxf doing a Google Search, it is often listed in specialized forums about QGis. QGis has an issue about the export dxf, it still doesn't keep the 3D information (elevation). I needed the 3D for an import in Sketchup, quickly.

Marc, www.crearc.ch


I tried your software today as I needed a quick fix to convert a free OS base map into a DXF (UK based). The map was 100km square and consisted of 10+ shp files each with about 200,000+ lines. Your software happily tackled each file, taking a few minutes (as would be expected) to process each into a dxf (approx. 200,000kb each). I overlaid each in AutoCAD to build what I needed. Very impressed, thank you!

- Chris Skellern. www.bonezsoft.com

Thanks so much. I find this version truly great - it does exactly what I need to do. And this latest version is REALLY great. Thanks a lot!

- GZ, archaeologist.

The main goal was to collect all buildings for example and write them to same "building" layer to dxf, so the dxf layer "building" will contain 7 entities. The "lake" layer in the dxf will contain only one polygon, because we have only one lake, the two island goes to the "island" layer of the dxf file.

I'm now testing it for several datasets, and it is great. I will let you know my thoughts of the app, also suggestions for new features. Of course, you can quote me!

- György M.

In looking for an easy way to convert readily available .shp files, I stumbled across Owen's sweet little software package. It easily handled a 260MB file conversion of the parcel boundaries of the entirety of King County, Washington, USA.

Then I put it to the test of converting a more than 1GB .shp file...in less that 5 minutes I had a 3.2GB .dxf conversion of 2' contours within a 14,000 acre city with more than 500' of relief!

Not to mention that Owen is on top of it when it comes to support and service!

Nice job indeed. Thanks Owen!

Eric B, architect.

I needed to convert dbf and shp to dxf. I use AutoCAD mainly but share drawings with people who work in ArcGIS. I was able to convert all the lines and polygon shapefiles before - using 'Expert GPS' which I had already for getting my GPS data into AutoCAD. But I could never convert the text data from the shapefiles.

I did search a few times over the past year, and then tried again yesterday, and after about half an hour wasted on other generic search results (which didn't do what they said they did) I got to your ShapeToDxf search result.

the free trial worked perfectly, took me a couple of minutess trial and error to work out which fields I needed to come through to dxf.

- H C

ShapeToDxf is easy to use, and most importantly, it does the job pretty well. The County provides SHP files on a per layer basis, from their GIS (i.e. parcels, sections, etc.), so the conversion is single layer per file... fairly simple stuff.

- G S

I did a google search on importing shape files. I just typed in "intellicad import shape files" and www.shapetodxf.com was the first thing that came up on the search results. I tried the Demo and it was so easy I figured $50 was totally worth it. My CAD version dropped the import ability for CAD files and I didn't want to pay a ton of money to upgrade my CAD - so ShapeToDxf was super easy and fast and did exactly what I needed it to do so I could keep working. I've already told a number of my friends in the industry about it in the past few hours.

- A F



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