- . -

.DBF files with elevation and z coordinates

.SHP file opening

.SHP in 3D

- 2 -

2D file in a 3D file error

- 3 -

3D file but only 2D data

3D view of shape files

- A -


- B -

Batch file processing DXF to SHX



- C -

C:\ProgramData\Ransen Software\ShapeToDxfV1

closed polygons

columns in a DBF file


Could not create directory

Could not create logging data

- D -

DBF field settings

DBF field value as the layer for ESRI Shape DXF output

DBF file layers

DBF files and ShapeToDxf

demo version

directory error

directory for point blocks

DXF file saving.

DXF file to Shape in batch mode

DXF files and ShapeToDxf

DXF files as blocks for points

DXF layername based on elevation in SHP/DBF

DXF to SHX in batch mode

- E -

elevation and z coordinates in DBF files

elevation based layername colors and layers

elevation field in DBF files for SHP files

error message

error messages

ESRI 3D viewer

- F -


file extensions

file types

folder error

full version

- H -

Height of text in DXFs from Shape files

- L -

layer settings

Layername based on DBF field value

layers for DBF file daya

- M -

Multiple DXF from SHX

Multiple SHX to DXF

- O -

open file

open polylines

opening an ESRI SHP file



- P -

point as block

point representation

Point type file

points as blocks

points as user blocks

Polygon type file

Polyline type file


PRJ files and ShapeToDxf

ProgramData directory


- R -

registration code

rows in a DBF file

- S -


saveas DXF


shape file 3D viewing

Shape File opening

SHP file opening

SHP file type

SHP files and ShapeToDxf

SHP in 3D

SHP layername based on elevation in DXF

SHX files and ShapeToDxf

site license

Size of text in DXFs from Shape files

- T -

Text Height Settings in DXFs from Shape files

text in DXF files from ESRI shape files

Text Size in DXFs from Shape files

Type of SHP file

- U -

user blocks as points

- V -


- Z -

z coordinates and elevation in DBF files

z field in DBF files for SHP files