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How to import Shape SHP files into IntelliCAD.

IntelliCAD does not have a direct import option for ESRI Shape files (which usually have the SHP extension and are often together with a DBF file). To get an ESRI SHP file into IntelliCAD one quick way is to convert it to a DXF file (2D or 3D) and import the DXF file into IntelliCAD:

As one happy customer said:

"I use IntelliCAD and my version does not have any shapefile capabilities built in. I have a monthly license with Bentley Software for Microstation, which would handle shapefiles and translate them into a format that Intellicad would read. That software was lost when I replaced my older computer and it was not worth the time and effort to reinstall, as I no longer use Microstation. I do need to read shape files though, and ShapeToDxf is quite capable of meeting my needs."

ShapeToDxf also has a 3D shapefile viewer, here is an example of the viewer showing 3D contour lines from an Esri Shape file:

You can try the demo for free, no sign-up or email required:

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