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How to make an AutoCAD DXF file from an Esri shape file

The easiest way is to use the Windows program ShapeToDxf, simply drag in your SHP file, set the settings, then save the DXF file. Graphically:

Drag an ESRI shape file into the window

Next you'll be asked

  • The layer for the entities in the DXF file and...
  • What data (which fields) from the associated DBF file you want to appear in the DXF file...

Choosing shape to DXF layer settings

As you can see in the above example there are 11 columns, from "QUADRANGLE" to "LOWERBED", any of which can appear in the DXF file if you want.

To change the settings of a DBF field double click on, for example, the word "LOWERBED" and you'll get a dialog where you can change the layer, layer color, and text height of the values in that DBF column:

Choosing DBF settings

Then click on OK and you'll get this image:

Showing data from shp/dbf in DXF

Try the free demo by clicking on the button below:

The full version costs $49.99.

Consult the help here.


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