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Shp to Dxf conversion.

Simply drag your Esri Shape SHP file into the main window of ShapeToDxf select layers (if you want to) then click on the Save To Dxf icon:

Shp To Dxf Conversion example imahe.

If you click on the 3D icon you can view the shape file in 3D:

3D viewing of ESRI SHP files before saving as DXF

You can try the free demo (for Windows) by clicking on the button below:

You can choose to have the layers of he DXF file set according to a field in the accompanying DBF file (if there is one) or a single layer, or a layer which changes according to elevation:

Choosing Elevation as layer color

Which make elevations much clearer in both 2D and 3D:

Try the free demo by clicking on the button below:

The full version costs $49.99.

For 3D GIS you may also be interested in LIDAR to DXF conversion.


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